MLA PH/HA Travel Stipend Announcement!


MLA’s Public Health/Health Administration Section (PH/HA) offers a stipend of up to $500 to assist one section member in attending the 2015 MLA Annual Meeting in Austin who would otherwise have difficulty in doing so. The hope is that this stipend increases professional contacts, projects, and involvement for the recipient, and expands the pool of active members of PH/HA. PH/HA will offer this stipend only during years in which sufficient funds are available in the PH/HA treasury.


  • Must be a current member of PH/HA and MLA.
  • Any PH/HA member may receive this stipend one time only.
  • Must submit the completed application.

Preferential selection will be given to applicants who document that they (in order of preference).

  • Are presenting a paper at a PH/HA section program.
  • Are a Chair or member of a PH/HA committee.
  • Are presenting a paper at any section program (content should be relevant to PH/HA members).
  • Are presenting a poster at the meeting (content should be relevant to PH/HA members).
  • Have formal obligations at the MLA Annual Meeting relevant to PH/HA.


  • MLA conference registration fees
  • MLA conference continuing education course fees
  • Lodging costs
  • Travel expenses (Air fare, rail, or daily parking fees)


  • The recipient of the award will be determined by a jury comprised of three PH/HA members, including the Secretary/Treasurer.


  • Stipend recipients will document their experiences at the MLA conference for the PH/HA blog by August 31 of each year. An essay of 500-1,000 words would be sufficient, although greater length is fine. Some possible themes: people you met at the conference or projects that grew out of these contacts.
  • Recipients will be required to attend the PH/HA section business meeting during the conference and are expected to attend the PH/HA section program when possible or (in the case of conflicts) other programming relevant to PH/HA activities.


Application Deadline: May 4, 2015
Notification Deadline: May 8, 2015

Questions and Submission Email Address:Kay Deeney, MLS, AHIP
PH/HA Travel Stipend Chair 2015

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Peterson-Kaiser Health System Tracker

The Kaiser Family Foundation, has a new interactive tool that provides up-to-date information on U.S. health spending by federal and local governments, private companies, and individuals.

This tool was developed by analysts at the Kaiser Family Foundation using data from the National Health Expenditure Account and will be updated annually with each data release. A short tutorial video provides instructions for using the tool.

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Congratulations to Our Candidates

“Congratulations to Chair-Elect Robert Shapiro, Jr. MA,  and Secretary/Treasurer Rosie Hanneke, MLS! 

Thanks to all of our candidates for your willingness to actively participate in the life of  of the Section.
The successful candidates will begin their term at the Section annual (business) meeting held during the MLA 2015 annual meeting.”
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Election Time Again

This is the annual PH/HA Section election for terms beginning at the 2015 MLA annual meeting. This year we are electing a Chair-Elect and a Secretary/Treasurer to fill a two-year term.
Section members have been invited to elect officers for Chair-‘Elect and Secretary/Treasurer. 
Candidates for Chair-Elect are Jon Goodell, MA, AHIP, and Robert Shapiro II, MA. Candidates for Secretary/Treasurer are Jeanne Burke, MEd, MLIS, Amber Loos, MLIS, MPH, and Rosie Hannecke, MLS. Our MLA Nominating Committee candidate is Laura Zeigen, MPH, MLIS.
The successful candidates will begin their term at the Section annual (business) meeting held during the MLA 2015 annual meeting. 
A link to the election survey was sent to members on March 3. The survey will close at 8:00 pm CST on  March 13.
Thank you to all members for  participating in the election, and for maintaining your membership with our Section.


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