Congratulations to Our Candidates

“Congratulations to Chair-Elect Robert Shapiro, Jr. MA,  and Secretary/Treasurer Rosie Hanneke, MLS! 

Thanks to all of our candidates for your willingness to actively participate in the life of  of the Section.
The successful candidates will begin their term at the Section annual (business) meeting held during the MLA 2015 annual meeting.”
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Election Time Again

This is the annual PH/HA Section election for terms beginning at the 2015 MLA annual meeting. This year we are electing a Chair-Elect and a Secretary/Treasurer to fill a two-year term.
Section members have been invited to elect officers for Chair-‘Elect and Secretary/Treasurer. 
Candidates for Chair-Elect are Jon Goodell, MA, AHIP, and Robert Shapiro II, MA. Candidates for Secretary/Treasurer are Jeanne Burke, MEd, MLIS, Amber Loos, MLIS, MPH, and Rosie Hannecke, MLS. Our MLA Nominating Committee candidate is Laura Zeigen, MPH, MLIS.
The successful candidates will begin their term at the Section annual (business) meeting held during the MLA 2015 annual meeting. 
A link to the election survey was sent to members on March 3. The survey will close at 8:00 pm CST on  March 13.
Thank you to all members for  participating in the election, and for maintaining your membership with our Section.


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APHA Sewell Stipend Recipients Report – Jeanne Burke

Each week I will highlight a report from one of the Sewell attendees for this last APHA meeting. This week I am highlighting Jeanne Burke, Education & Liaison Coordinator, Creighton Health Sciences Library and Learning Resources Center, Omaha, NE.

I was introduced to a number of individuals from organizations working with state, national, and local boards of health. Dr. Wilken (my mentor) also introduced me to APHA Executive Director Georges Benjamin, the current acting and the previous Surgeons General. Her commentary and background information on various organizations and their activities were extremely enlightening and helped put their activities into perspective for me. She invited me to attend the reception held by the other schools in my region that have doctoral and master’s public health degree programs. While at the reception I met the new Dean of the School of Public Health, a number of other faulty, and recent graduates of the School. We talked about their experience treating two Ebola patients and maybe working on some cooperative project ideas. While there I also met a representative from yet another MPH program in our region.

I think one of the best sessions was the General Session with five former Surgeons General. Going over the issues, their successes, and challenges of their time helped me to see how far we have come, and the potential for positive impact public health can have on the inequalities and injustices in our country today. (Sometimes we need look to history to plan action for the future.)

I am very interested in what tools people and organizations are using in their work so we can try to offer the best ones, or at least learn enough about them to share their use with our faculty, students, and staff. One of the potential ideas under development by a social worker from LA is to support the sharing of information among emergency systems such as police, social workers, fire rescue, and ER treatment professionals, with smart phone applications. Each of those dealing with crisis situations has their own information systems which delay and make it difficult to share information in a timely manner, often resulting in even more unnecessary injury to at risk individuals. I was also really impressed with the creative ways people are incorporating quantitative and qualitative methods and tools into community assessment projects. I thought giving residents cameras to document conditions in their community was a creative and effective way to add visual evidence and a voice to those in the community.

I would like to develop some joint public health projects, speakers or other special events with institutions in our region. I look forward to seeing and using the health studies handbook. I think it will be useful tool for a wide range of individuals and situations. I have already talked to my director about creating a lab with a range of tools such as computer hardware, software, cameras, and such for use in community assessment and grant application projects.

I loved the dinner and I think the chance to meet at the end of the day is very helpful

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APHA Sewell Stipend Recipients Report – Sigrid Brudie

Icon from the Grace and Harold Sewell Fund


Each week I will highlight a report from one of the Sewell attendees for this last APHA meeting. This week I am highlighting Sigrid Brudie, Reference and Outreach Librarian, Alaska Medical Library, University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA).


Sigrid Brudie

I checked in with Nancy Nancy Nix, MD, MPH, (mentor) during the conference—a couple of times at the University of Alaska Anchorage MPH booth in the exhibit hall and once when she was presenting her poster “Strengthening State Disaster Preparedness and Response: An Alaska Perspective.” … I visited with Nancy at her poster session. She said she wants to involve the Alaska Medical Library in disaster information outreach projects and mentioned the possibility of disseminating information resources to libraries in Alaska.

Monday afternoon’s session “Tools and Assessments for Better Understanding Climate Change” was on a topic I have followed closely. I built the climate change section of the Arctic Health website and spent a lot of time tracking down resources to put on the site. In the past couple of years, I have been pulled away to other things and have not had as much time to keep track of climate change resources. It was helpful to hear recent news. Having been away from it for a while, I right away noticed a couple of changes.

The general session on Monday afternoon, “The Doctors Are In: Five Former Surgeons General,” surprised me. I was honestly not expecting much from the session, but the dedication, compassion, and humor of those five individuals really moved me.

The ….sessions motivated me to (1) refocus on adding resources to the climate change section of the Arctic Health website, particularly new publications and websites dealing with public health, (2) pay close attention to the confirmation, recommendations, and actions of the U.S. Surgeon General, and (3) strengthen my library liaison relationship with occupational safety and health faculty and students at UAA.

I honestly can’t think of improvements to suggest. I would not have been able to attend the conference without the Sewell Stipend. The Stipend was well advertised, and the application process was straightforward, with requirements clear. It was comforting to be able to check in with a familiar group of librarians during this very large conference.

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